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Possession Of Burglar’s Tools In Michigan

Many people might have never considered that Michigan law has a list of burglar’s tools that can lead to felony criminal charges if law enforcement finds them in the wrong hands at the wrong time. The law says that people are forbidden from having any tools or devices that are designed or adapted purposefully for […]

Witness Tampering Crimes

Michigan Witness Tampering Criminal Defense Lawyer If you are ever charged with witness tampering in Michigan, you could consult with a criminal defense lawyer. It is important that you properly gauge your legal options and rights and how to avoid getting convicted and handed a lengthy prison sentence. Law Offices of Ravi R. Gurumurthy, PLC […]

Terroristic Threats In Michigan Schools

Michigan Terroristic Threats Criminal Defense Lawyer If you or a loved one were charged with terroristic threats in Michigan, you should speak with a criminal defense lawyer. They can help ensure you know your legal rights, including how you could avoid a conviction. Law Offices of Ravi R. Gurumurthy, PLC has extensive experience defending people […]

Recent Oxford School Shooting Prompts Stricter Gun Law Discussions In Michigan

In Michigan and other parts of the country, gun control legislation has come to the forefront. Gun violence instances, and those involving schools, have increased the concern of lawmakers, law enforcement, and the public at large. The most recent example in Oxford has brought up the issue again in the Michigan legislature. As a result […]

Cameras In The Courtroom: How They Can Affect You And Your Case

Since the pandemic’s beginning, more and more cameras have been brought into the courtroom. In most circumstances, the cameras allow cases to proceed with decreased risk of Covid transmission. With the increasing number of virus variants and the court’s already massive backlog, cameras will remain a prominent fixture in courtrooms. Additionally, courts now allow news […]


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